Have you ever thought about the sheer number of tasks you do repetitively? Many of those tasks can actually be outsourced. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of what you could be outsourcing right now:

  1. Website updates (eg: blog updates, price updates, SEO updates, plugin updates, add tags, image descriptions)
  2. Perform website backups to prevent data loss
  3. Audit your digital presence (see our Digital Health Check)
  4. Internal Facebook group management
  5. Optimise your Google My Business listing
  6. Send review links and respond to reviews on GMB and Facebook
  7. Set up funnels for lead generation, customer service, etc
  8. Create social media graphics (eg: instagram tiles, stories)
  9. Create and schedule social media content – both posts and stories
  10. Check finer details of social media posts: locations, hashtags, etc
  11. Hashtag research
  12. Duplicate social media content to various platforms (eg: Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  13. Monitor & report on social media/website performance
  14. Set up ads for social media and google
  15. Convert social media content into blog content (or vice versa!)
  16. Add content to a newsletter template
  17. Create/update e-signatures
  18. Editing images (compressing size, cropping to the right dimensions)
  19. Set up automations & zaps
  20. Database management (eg: ensure contact info is up to date, add tags, update personal profiles)
  21. Contact members for member features and compile information provided
  22. Edit videos and podcasts (eg: add intros, outros, cut videos, create videos with a selection of still shots)
  23. Send out press releases and follow up
  24. Competitor research – monitor social media, pricing, events and activities, sign up to their newsletters
  25. Event planning (eg: send invitations, manage rsvps, checklist of items needed, run sheets)
  26. Travel planning (eg: flight/hire car/accommodation research & booking, route planning, dinner reservations, activity booking)
  27. Updating insurance policies
  28. Chase invoices & payments
  29. Set up direct debits for clients
  30. Process payroll, allocate bank transactions, reconcile bank feeds, etc
  31. Schedule meetings into your calendar and send reminders
  32. Screening and managing emails (make sure you have answers to all your FAQs)
  33. Answering phone calls, handling enquiries, leave voicemails
  34. Research projects & data entry
  35. Transcribing interviews, podcasts, webinars, voicemails, etc
  36. Set up projects in your task management system (eg: Trello, Asana)
  37. Proof-reading documents
  38. Dropbox/Google Drive organisation and renaming documents etc
  39. Research tasks
  40. Create/update policies (eg: covid-safe policies, meeting room policies, etc)
  41. Purchase office supplies
  42. Personal errands (eg: researching/buying/sending gifts/cards, scheduling appts, chasing up lost orders etc)


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