About us.

Welcome to Beaches Coworking in Mona Vale and Frenchs Forest.

Our spaces house some of the most innovative, successful businesses and corporates on the Northern Beaches. But it wasn’t always like that, so let us tell you a story …

A few years ago, Gavin was commuting to a coworking space in Manly, leaving early, getting home late and wasting the best hours of the day doing it. Casey was running her marketing business from home, with 2 little kids. 95% of her interactions were with the kids, the daycare mums or the staff at the cafes she was rotating through.

We knew there was a better way to live, but when we went looking for a local coworking space, we couldn’t find somewhere we wanted to work. We started daydreaming about opening a coworking space with all the things we liked: natural light, comfy chairs, spacious desks, fast internet and that nice beachy feel we’ve become accustomed to here on the Northern Beaches.

Now, when Gavin gets an idea, he goes full steam ahead and before we knew it … we had opened a coworking space in a character-filled ex-yoga studio above a great cafe in the heart of Mona Vale.

Within 6 months, our space was filled with a wide selection of established local businesses and corporates, doing amazing things in really diverse industries. We hit capacity quickly and decided to open a second space. This time, we found a big space in Frenchs Forest that was also flooded with natural light (it’s become our non-negotiable) in a great location and had a configuration we could work with.

These days, we have over 200 members. Some of them work together on projects, others solve problems over a cuppa and others get in, get their work done and get home quickly to their young families. Our spaces have also revolutionised the way our family works: Gavin now spends loads more time with our girls and Casey gets to leave the washing piles at home and talk to other business owners.
If this resonates with you, we'd love you to join us for a free trial and see how coworking can work for your business.