Is your online presence costing you customers? Do this quick audit to optimise your website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.



  • Website is secure (ie: has SSL certificate and website starts with https://)
  • Website loads in less than 3 seconds
  • Website is optimised for mobile
  • Shows up on first page in organic search
  • Images are current, optimised and have alternative text
  • Contact details are easy to find
  • Contact form is set up and linked to relevant email address
  • Links to Social Media
  • Reviews or links to recent reviews
  • SEO is set up
  • Tracking is set up
  • Google Analytics is set up
  • Site has backlinks from other websites/social media
  • Blog has current information (or dates are removed)
  • Google My Business is set up



  • FB Business is set up & Business Suite is installed on your phone
  • Business Page is set up & verified
  • Page name and username are customised and are the same as all other social media platforms
  • Profile and header images are current, include your logo, are linked to your website & mobile optimised
  • Call to action button is up to date
  • About details are current
    • Contact details are current – phone, url, email
    • Location is current & if you have more than 1 space, both spaces are linked
    • Hours are current
  • About Story is current
  • Pin a Welcome Post to the top of the page
  • Claim your Facebook group (if you have one)
  • Recommendations & Reviews tab is turned on and all reviews have responses from you
  • Tabs are sorted according to importance
  • Check your privacy settings & turn on 2 factor authorisation
  • Link your Instagram page
  • Load any products/services
  • Messenger – you can choose to turn this on or off. If it is turned on, make sure you can either respond in a timely fashion, or set up automated messages.



  • Account is set up as a Business Profile
  • Page name is customised (either your business name or your tagline)
  • Username is customised and is the same as all other social media platforms
  • Profile image is your business logo
  • Bio is current and includes your location, membership types, unique selling proposition and relevant hashtags
  • URL field is either linked to your website or to several links with Linktree or Smart Bio
  • Contact details are current – phone, email, space address, industry, year founded
  • Highlights are set up, highlight covers match your brand and contain relevant stories
  • Revise push notifications to ensure you don’t miss interaction with potential members
  • Check your privacy settings – turn on 2 factor authorisation
  • Authorise your Facebook Page



  • Profile image and banner are current
  • Ensure profile information is accurate
  • Compelling “About us” section and include relevant keywords
  • Contact details are current – URL, address, country, company size, industry, year founded
  • Locations current (if you have more than 1 space)
  • Collect and give endorsements / follow your members, endorse them and request endorsements from them
  • LinkedIn URL is customised
  • Connect with all of your members
  • Update employees – encourage all community managers to do the same


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