At the end of 2021, we sent out a survey asking all of our members what the most important thing was for their business this year … and you know what they unanimously replied?


So, we spoke to 4 different business owners, all experts in their field, to give you 4 different perspectives on building your team by hiring or outsourcing.

For this third perspective, I spoke to Michelle Broadbent, a self-confessed ‘wing woman’ to some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country. Michelle has helped countless business owners find and employ their ‘unicorns’ (those magical people who do things better and quicker than you, and genuinely care about your business as much as you do). Without a doubt, she’s the person to shed light on hiring someone amazing for your business.



Here’s Michelle’s take on hiring vs outsourcing …


BCW: How do you know when it’s time to hire?
Think about what it’s costing you to do (or in some cases, the cost of you not doing) particular tasks or functions in your business. The ones outside of your zone of genius, the things that you don’t enjoy doing.
When the cost of you doing these outweighs the cost of you paying someone else to do it, then you know it’s time to outsource.


BCW: Under which circumstances would you recommend hiring someone instead of outsourcing?
There is a solution for every problem in a business and so much can be outsourced to contractors. Not everyone on your Dream Team needs to be on the payroll. Using contractors is a good way of getting expert help for shorter periods or for a specific function or project. It is good solution if you are ready for long term commitment. There are many positives to having someone on permanent staff – there is a level of commitment demonstrated on both sides. You are also not competing for their time with other clients.


BCW: What are the pros & cons of hiring?
One of the biggest challenges of running your own business is feeling like you need to do everything yourself. But In order for your business to grow, you need the right support. One of the most satisfying things about my work is seeing the transformation that happens when a business owner has the right person supporting them. The change in their lives and business is incredible. I’ve got clients who have fulfilled lifelong dreams like having a baby or stepping out of their business to travel with their family for 6 months all because they had the right team on board to support them. Having the right support in your business enables you to focus on the important things in your business.


BCW: What do you need to think about before you decide to hire someone (eg: costs like super etc)
The biggest barrier is not the tasks to fill their time, it’s not the money to pay for them or the time to do this… it’s your ability to relinquish control. Accept that you don’t need to do everything in your business. There are tasks that can be done by someone else. Done is better than perfect and you know what, sometimes they’re even more perfect than you. The secret to success is in your ability to let go.


BCW: How do you find the right person to hire? 

  • Start by being crystal clear on what you need help with. Sounds obvious but many people recruit for a job title rather than the things that they actually need support with.
  • Identify your non-negotiables. We all want Unicorns, but sadly the streets are not littered with them. Just like finding your dream home – searching for your unicorn may require some compromise. Particularly if you have a limited budget. So have a list of non negotiables and the nice to haves that you could live without if you really had to (but you secretly don’t want to).
  • Consider both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are things like technical ability, knowledge of particular software, marketing, finance, business writing, etc. They are generally things that could be taught. Soft skills are more like character traits, the attributes that make someone successful in the role (such as good time management, high level of customer service, can deal well with change, etc). These skills or attributes are intrinsic to a person. They could be built over time but I believe that they either have them or they don’t and it is not your job to teach them.


BCW: Where should you look for someone?
It’s not just a case of throwing an ad on Seek and hoping for the best. You are most likely one or two degrees of separation away from your next great hire so start with who you know. The more people who know, the more they can spread the word on your behalf. Tell everyone you know that you are looking and what you are looking for – this is the important bit. You don’t want to end up wading through applications from people who are not a right fit. Go to where your potential candidates are hanging out – local Facebook groups are good if you are looking for locals/mum’s/entry level peeps, for example, industry-specific job sites or Facebook groups are another good places.


BCW: Can you recommend a great business book on hiring?
My favourite is Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s not specifically about hiring but we should all take a leaf out of Denise’s book on how we approach building our businesses.


That was pretty impressive wasn’t it?! Feel free to reach out to Michelle for more info and make sure you check out her ‘Finding Unicorns’ program here.


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