HOW TO … look after yourself

As parents in business, the juggle is real. Looking after yourself can fall into the ‘don’t have time’ basket, but a bit of self care can actually be the difference between a productive day and a shocker.

I get it, fitting a massage in or take a whole weekend out, just isn’t always possible is it? So, when Nat from Business Jump, one of our members, launched a 7 day self-care challenge (with super quick activities) a few weeks ago, I committed to doing it. And each day, I felt so much better for having done it.

Here’s all you have to do:
• Day 1: Write down 10 things you’re grateful for
• Day 2: Spend 15 minutes in nature
• Day 3: Do something that makes you laugh
• Day 4: Take some big deep, calm breaths
• Day 5: Read a book or listen to a podcast
• Day 6: Try a 5 minute meditation
• Day 7: For every negative thought, write down a positive one

📸this first image is by @keliskaleopaa via Immersion Surf Mag and it is actually stuck to the wall by my bed to remind me that surfing is my ultimate self care. The challenge is by Business Jump via @hellofromnat 🙏

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