HOW TO … plan digitally!


After a whole lot of research, we’ve established that you are EITHER a digital planner OR a paper planner. There is no in-between. AT ALL. 🥵🤣

What do you think?

As our team expands, we need to go online to collaborate better. So, I put it out to our members to find the best digital planners and here’s the shortlist:

1. Trello is great for visual people. You can see all your tasks and where you’re up to on one screen in little to-do lists/boards. You can easily drag your tasks to other lists, create (and assign) subtasks, add links, tags & labels and customise the background and tasks too.

2. Todoist is amazing if you’re always on the go. It is simple and intuitive and it integrates with 84 other apps (gmail, slack, google sheets & calendar, trello, etc) so it keeps you super organised. You can organise your tasks by project, prioritise them, set a due date and time and set them to recur too.

3. Notability App is a game changer if you love scribbling notes, drawing and handwriting. You basically download the app to your ipad/tablet, upload a digital planner (etsy is a great place to start) and then throw away your pen and paper. It’s a great way to transition from paper to digital planning (but takes a bit of getting used to!)

4. OneNote is basically a digital notebook with sections in it so that you can stay organised. You can also add drawings, images and audio clips which is really handy. It’s a microsoft product, so is particularly good for PC users. What would you add to this list.

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