Do you schedule your social media? If not, you’re probably spending way more time and energy doing it than you need to be. Scheduling means you can do a week (or a month) in advance, at a time that’s convenient to you (or when you get the urge to do it!).

Over the years, I’ve used pretty much every social media scheduler in existence – PlanolyPlannLater, HootSuiteSkedSproutBuffer. So I’m pretty comfortable saying I’m now using the best of the lot: Planoly.


Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • it works on both mobile app and desktop
  • there’s a calendar which you can add notes to, so you can plan out the month’s content in notes and then go in and add the actual posts later (see image)
  • you can set up your posts to ‘autopost’ to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (except for videos or carousels)
  • stories and carousel/video can be scheduled and you get a reminder when it’s time to post
  • you can respond to comments on your posts in the app (and it saves them so you don’t miss any)
  • you can put your hashtags in the first comment, select a location and tag the photo
  • you can repost others’ images/content in the app (and can search by hashtags or users). There is also a stock photo library
  • images can be dragged around so you can keep your design and you can crop the image or put a filter over it
  • there’s also a stories editor with loads of stories templates to make them more professional (and you can use your brand colours)
  • you can see which posts get the best engagement, reach, impressions, likes, comments and saves. (For next level analytics, check out Iconosquare – but it’s $$$$)
  • you can create a shoplink profile to sell any products directly from instagram
  • there is a free plan, and then it steps up to $7, $15 or $23/mth, so it’s pretty cost effective


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