HOW TO … get the most out of your photography session 📸

We’ve had 6 photography sessions since we opened, and our most recent one was, by far, the absolute best. Any ideas why?

Nope, we didn’t change photographer! We simply planned it better.

Our resident photographer, Leah (Snappystreet Creative), has been telling me for ages to prepare better, but I never quite got around to it 😬  This time I did … and I literally want to use every single photo straight away!

So, here’s how I prepped:

1. I thought about how I wanted to use the shots – eg: on our website, socials, newsletters, signage, etc. This meant I needed a combo of portrait, landscape and square shots.

2. Every time I saw an image I loved (eg: on insta, pinterest, etc), I saved it into a little file, like a mini vision board for the shoot. I then sent them to Leah so she knew the style I was aiming for

3. I went through each area of our spaces and wrote down the types of shots I wanted taken. Of course, on the day, Leah took loads more, but this gave us a reference point to make sure we had everything I actually needed.

4. I took a selection of on-brand props to use (think scarves, jackets, coffee cups, laptop, mobile, glasses, etc)

5. I asked the members who will be featured on our socials in the coming months to pop in so we could grab shots of them at the same time

Yep, it was more work, but the results were 100% worth it.

📸  Snappystreet Creative

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