HOW TO … host a successful art exhibition

This ‘how to’ is brought to you by Amy Rebecca Art, a local Northern Beaches artist who has held 2 successful exhibitions in our Mona Vale space along with several in art galleries across Sydney. Her artworks literally walk out our door (once paid for obviously 😝), so I asked her what makes her exhibitions so successful …

1. Space: Choose an exhibition space that is well suited to your style of art. Make sure your target market will be comfortable visiting the space too.
2. Display: Display your works in a way that compliments the space and surroundings. For Beaches Coworking, I use timber frames and feature blues, greens and pinks so it looks visually appealing against the rest of the furnishings.
3. Variety: Have variety in both your style and your pricing. If you have some big ticket items, along with some lower price points, you will appeal to a broader market. Similarly, combining softer works with more vibrant pieces, attracts a wider range of clientele.
4. Launch: Launch your exhibition. The best way to sell art is for your clients to get up close and personal with it. If you can, have a launch party & invite people to come and view the collection. If Covid restrictions wont allow it, consider hosting small invite-only private viewings. Either way, you want to give people the opportunity to socialise and ask you questions with the art right in front of them.
5. Promotion: Promote the exhibition. Share your exhibition details with as many people as possible. Let all your friends and family know, share it on social media and in groups surrounding the exhibition space. Ensure the space/gallery has a promotional plan too – especially for social media and e-newsletters as this will increase your following instantly. This doesn’t have to be salesy, be sincere – it’s so exciting to host an exhibition, so bring everyone along for the ride with you.

Thanks Amy – I have no doubt these tips will help loads of other artists!

If you would like to exhibit your artworks in our space, please contact us.

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