Time … we can’t make more of it but here’s a little hack to make the most of what you‘ve got: Turn your emails off 

As in, completely sign out of your emails on your phone (not just turn off the notifications) so that you have to manually sign back in if you want to read them.

It might sound simple, but it’s amazing the difference it makes. Not only has it stopped me checking my emails constantly out of habit (talk about wasted time!), it’s also taken away that feeling of work piling up, so I can be more present in what I’m actually doing.

Who’s going to give it a go?

And if you want some other awesome tips to make the most of your time, pop over to the Owners Collective podcast and listen to ‘My top 5 Productivity Hacks’. GAME. CHANGER!

📸 by New Light Visuals – a fantastic local photographer who spends his time capturing the best places for us to spend ours!

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