HOW TO … outsource successfully

Who else has a to-do list that is getting out-of-control or overwhelming?

Michael Ossitt is well known in our spaces as the king of outsourcing and automation. When he showed me the manual he had created for his VA, I knew I had stumbled across a whole new world of organisation and asked Michael to share a few pointers on how to outsource effectively:

  1. TRACK – track your week, map out all your tasks that you do regularly, ideally over a month. Use a time log like @toggltrack or @rescuetime to capture everything.
  2. REVIEW – review your time log and look for repetitive tasks. Analyse the different types of tasks and break them down in to A, B, and C tasks:
    • A tasks are ones that should be done by you as the business owner (planning, strategy, sales, hiring). Things that you are both proficient and passionate about.
    • B tasks are ones that could be done by someone else – invoicing, implementation, service delivery. Things that you might not be proficient or passionate about.
    • C tasks are ones that must be done by someone else – process driven tasks, research, admin, cleaning, errands (review cost/benefit vs your effective hourly rate). Things that you are definitely not proficient or passionate about.
  3. DOCUMENT – Document and systemise your repetitive tasks. Start with all the C tasks and then move on to the B tasks. If something is done more than once regularly then create a process. Document it into a checklist, list of instructions, photo slideshow or video walkthrough/screencast. Outline the What, Why, When, Who and How into a single page process document. Use Loom/Camtasia to do a screencast with voiceover. Add all your systems and processes and checklists to an Online Operations Manual using a wiki builder like Notion or Google Sites.
  4. AUTOMATE – Identify all your processes which could be automated instead of delegated. Ie. Email auto responders (@activecampaign), automatic invoicing, calendar booking system (@calendlyhq), app linking and automation tools such as @zapier and @integromat.
  5. DELEGATE – Delegate all your C tasks first and then your B tasks. Employ a new team member, hire a virtual assistant (Local or Overseas), outsource to a contractor, engage a freelancer (@fiverr@upworkinc, Odesk, @freelancerofficial). Share your Online Operations Manual with your new team member so they can teach themselves and share a Digital To-do List Manager (like @todoistofficial or @trelloapp) to manage all your deliverables and deadlines

Michael owns Strand Property Group, leads local business networking group ConnectWork and has just been elected onto the board of the Buyers Agent Association of Australia. No wonder he needs to be super organised!!

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