HOW TO: plan on paper!

So, a bit of background, it turns out that you EITHER plan everything on paper OR you plan it digitally. There is NO in-between, according to our members (and everyone I have asked this question in the last few weeks!) Do you agree?

Our members [hotly 🧨] debated the merits of both paper and digital planners and here’s the low down on the absolute BEST IN PAPER (If you’re a digital planner, you’ll want to read this)

1. The Inspired Stories Co – I would have to say this is my favourite of all the paper planners out there. These guys have gorgeous weekly and daily planners with all sorts of amazing checklists, daily reminders, monthly accountability goals … and it’s all set out beautifully for those of us who are visual (and ever so slightly OCD 😋)

2. Amelia Lane – these planners are Australian designed and suuuper pretty. They have everything from planners to diaries to wedding organisers. They’re really colourful and the stickers are fun (and practical, but mostly fun).

3. Full Focus Planner – this is the most business-y one and it’s a total game changer. There’s a whole personal/business productivity and goal setting framework behind it and it works in 90-day cycles to ensure you stay organised without getting overwhelmed. It’s not as pretty, but it makes up for it with practicality for business.

4. Moleskin – I couldn’t finish the list without the legendary notebook used by Picasso and Van Gogh, could I? Moleskin diaries are absolutely timeless, the quality is incredible and you wont be distracted by all the pretty extras (Anyone else suffer from shiny object syndrome anyone? 😬)

What else should we add to this list? Let me know.

📸 by Snappystreet Creative in our Mona Vale space

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