HOW TO: survive the school holidays

If you’ve got school-aged kids (or if you’re like us, little kids who’s daycare goes on holidays: WTAF 😳), you’ll need to bookmark this page.

Here are our tips on how to survive the school holidays with your business in tact:

1. Food planning: kids’ appetites quadruple (& then some) as soon as school holidays start, so prep now. Batch cook snacks, double every meal you cook in the next week and freeze half & do an online grocery shop with stuff the kids can just grab and go. Get the kids involved – there’s no point cooking/buying stuff they wont eat.

2. Plan playdates. It takes a village and working parents need to band together. Who can you swapsie half days with? You take their kids for the morning, they take yours for the arvo, or vice versa.

3. Plan fun days out. As kids, our favourite thing was to write a wishlist of things we wanted to do together during the school holidays and then plan them out. With 3 kids, we rotated through each kid’s wishlist to make sure everyone was happy. Can’t spare a whole day? Go early, get back at lunchtime and put the kids in front of the TV for the afternoon (they need chill time too, right?!)

4. Plan your home days. Get a sprinkler or a tent for the backyard, find some big boxes for fort building, get the kids to set up a lemonade stand (start them early 😝) or a treasure hunt and do not forget to charge that Ipad (daily!!). Any work done, is a win in our books!

5. Get out of the chaos to work. Book work days in at your favourite local coworking space (ahem, Beaches Coworking) and just be ultra productive when you do work.

Notice a common theme? Yep … PLAN! Plan out when you will work, which day which kid is at which playdate/activity/camp, when you’re doing fun days and most importantly, how you can divide the responsibilities with your partner/family/friends.

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