Do you spend more time in instagram stories or scrolling though the feed?
I love a scroll, but insta stories have definitely opened our feed up to a heap of new customers.

And there’s a really easy way to get insta story fanatics down to your feed …

Step 1. Open the post you want to share to instagram stories ⠀
Step 2. Click on the paper aeroplane under the image in your post (👉 to see what I mean)⠀
Step 3. Click on ‘Add Post to Your Story’⠀
Step 4. The post is now an image (with a link to your feed) that you can manipulate like a normal story
Step 5. You can even add ‘new post’ to the story to encourage your followers to click on the image (although you don’t have to … when they click the image, they also get a ‘new post’ arrow)

📸 taken by Snappy Street Creative during a branding session with Just Social Media

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