HOW TO: start a podcast

A podcast is an amazing way to build an audience, to connect with your clients, to position yourself as the expert in your industry, to spread the word about your products/services and, of course, to make money!

But where on earth do you start?⠀

I asked our resident podcast guru, Leah, from SnappyStreet Creative, for a few tips on how to get your podcast happening:

1. Ask yourself: How is your podcast going to work? Will it be an interview style podcast? Will you host and narrate it? How long do you want each episode to run for? How many episodes in a season? How often are you releasing episodes (weekly, 3 times a week, daily?)

2. Think about what you are going to call it. Funnily enough, naming your podcast can be one of the trickier things in the process! ⠀

3. Brainstorm your podcast content ideas in advance. Sit down and write out lists of topics, guests, research ideas and questions.

4. Research the best ways to get high quality sound from your podcast. Nothing sounds worse than sounding like you’re in a bathroom! Will you buy recording equipment? If you’re having guests – how will they be recorded?

5. Editing – are you going to batch this, or will it be done each week/day/month? Either invest in some good quality editing software or outsource it.

6. Sound and design. What will your podcast look like? What sort of recorded intro and outro do you want? Will it have music in it?

7. Research the best ways to host and get your podcast heard by as many people as possible utilising all the current podcast platforms.

Now, this is just the topline tips, so if you’re serious, you need to read the full article over on the Snappystreet Creative blog.

Or if you’re like me and this all sounds too hard, I’d suggest call in the big guns and get Leah to do it for you 😝

📸 SnappyStreet Creative

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