HOW TO … take better photos on your smartphone

Need to up your smartphone photography game? Our resident photographer, Leah, from Snappystreet Creative has these 5 snazzy tips for you:

1. Clean Your Lens ⠀⠀
This step is SO simple, yet everyone overlooks how important it is. Just think about how many times a day you touch your phone, and how many times a day OTHER things touch your phone! Spilt drinks on the counter top, sand at the beach, dirty fingerprints from the kids – all of these things are affecting your camera and the ability to take a clear photo. So, before you snap away, just give the lens on the back of your camera a quick wipe – you can thank me later!

2. Find Your Light⠀
It could be from lamps, a window, from a ceiling fan overhead, or even just direct sun. Once you know the direction and quality of this light, you’ll already be on a path towards taking better photos.

3. Adjust Exposure Manually⠀
Of course, life doesn’t always hand us perfect natural lighting. If a scene is too dim, increase the exposure to allow more light in; if the scene is too bright, decrease the exposure. Here’s how:⠀⠀⠀⠀
• iPhone: Tap and hold on a particular area of the image until a yellow square appears, then tap the sun icon at its right and drag the slider until the image brightness is to your liking.⠀
• Android: Tap the sun icon and adjust the slider between -2 and +2.

4. Nail Your Composition⠀
Think about your angle. Can you shoot the same image from different angles? Get down low, get up high, move around your subject and think creatively. Use symmetry and patterns to create a unique image. Contrast and texture are also other compositional techniques to consider. A light subject will have more impact if placed against a dark background.

5. Edit Your Image⠀⠀⠀
@googlesnapseed is my go to editing app for images taken on my phone. Easily adjust exposure, filters, cropping, white balance, straighten up those wonky photos, or even edit out something distracting! This app has it all.

If you’d like more of Leah’s tips, follow her on Snappystreet Creative or Snappystreet Photography.

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