Work and kids are like oil & water… they just don’t mix … but for us working parents, that’s life during the school holidays!
We have 3 kids, (aged 6 & under), so here are a few hacks we use to streamline the juggle a little: ⠀

• Get organised in the weeks leading up to the holidays. For example, can you batch your social media? draft your newsletter? reconcile your accounts & let your accountant know? brief in work for others to do? A few extra hours now, will ease the pressure during the holidays.⠀

• Prioritise. No, you can’t do everything (note to self 🙄), so pick a handful of things that REALLY need to get done and do them first. If you don’t get anything else done, at least the important things will be done.

• Plan, plan, plan. Swap kids with other working parents so you can both get your work done, schedule play dates (at the same time for multiple kids), get grandparents to dial in for storytime, get a babysitter for just a few hours to give you some dedicated work time⠀

• Exercise with the kids. Take them on a bushwalk, to the beach (kids don’t feel the cold like we do!), kick a ball in the park, set up an obstacle course in the backyard … you’ll tire them out and get your sunshine/exercise quota at the same time ⠀

• Invest in noise cancelling headphones … this is a GAME CHANGER for getting work done with the kids around. If you can’t hear the distractions, did they actually happen? 😜⠀

Put in an order with local companies BundlFresh or Harvest Lane and get delicious, home-cooked meals delivered to your door. We stock the freezer up so we can quickly pull something out at a moments notice.

• Work from Beaches Coworking. We’re open 24/7, so if you need to work late at night or early in the morning while the kids sleep, you can! Book your free day here.

Above all else, try and enjoy the moments you’ve got with the kids, and then focus on work when you’re at work. You’ve got this!


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