Inspired by International Women’s Day, we profiled several of the awesome women who work in our spaces to celebrate their success.


Camille Blyth runs The Brilliant Content Agency. She makes quality content easy for B2B businesses – from strategy, to planning and ongoing production. Done for You, Done with You or DIY.
Q: What is your favourite local female-led business?
Fortunately there are many to choose from!! Locally, Daisy Kirk from Scoop Wholefoods, Franziska Isle from Basic Bananas Pty LTD & the_businesshood & Jess Ruhfus from Collabosaurus
. Nationally, Dr Jemma Green from @powerledger_io in Perth for her innovation and future forward thinking and Cheri Hugo from The Lantern Project for her leadership in Aged Care.
Q: Who inspires you?
My two (teenage) daughters. The confidence they have in their own direction in life, their moral compass, their grit and the things they have achieved so far – as well as how delightful they are, continues to inspire me to always be a better version of myself.
Q: What does gender equality look like to you?
Gender equality is both invisible and transparent at the same time. Discrimination can only exist against those who are unwilling to accept differences gender, race, and/or ability, and work towards a fairer society.
Love these answers Camille!! You’ve named so many great local businesses, and I love that your daughters are your inspiration – I hope they read this!
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Find out more about Camille’s business. The_Brilliant_Content_Agency.



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