Inspired by International Women’s Day, we profiled several of the awesome women who work in our spaces to celebrate their success.

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of our very first members, Emma Kirkwood from Beyond Frontiers Consulting. Emma works with business owners to help them create their unique version of the ideal business.
I asked Emma a few questions (with an IWD slant) so we could all get to know her better and here’s what she said:

Q: Who inspires you?
The Everyday Woman. I recently spent four days at a retreat on the Sunshine Coast with an incredible group of women who came from all walks & different stages of life. Some were business owners, many were mothers, some were Senior Leaders and others retired. Listening and learning from their experiences, how they’ve overcome challenges and seized opportunities had me in awe. I really feel that the everyday living stories are the most inspirational and when we share them, we bring a little bit more harmony and nourishment to the world.


Q: How do you celebrate women in business?
The first answer that comes to mind..no where near enough! Second answer, I work with a lot of female business owners and a huge part of the work we do together is developing structures and systems for all that is going on in their lives, not just one element of it.


Q: What is your favourite local female-led business?
Well, Beaches Coworking of course! I love the partnership that Casey and Gav have, which is a testament to both of you. Casey’s entrepreneurial flair combined with her ability to integrate life, family and business is incredibly inspiring.


Awww thanks Emma. I’m blushing 😊 That retreat sounds incredible – I’ll have to talk to you more about it! Thank you for your loyalty and support of BCW – we love having you in our spaces.


Find out more about Emma’s businesses, Beyond Frontiers Consulting


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