Inspired by International Women’s Day, we profiled several of the awesome women who work in our spaces to celebrate their success.

I’d like to introduce you to Julie Haerland from JAH Design Services. Julie offers a one stop shop for design and drafting for residential projects.

I asked Julie a few questions (with an IWD slant) so we could all get to know her better and here’s what she said:

Q: What achievement are you most proud of?
I am proud to say that I have been out on my own for 10 years! To me that is a pretty big deal. I had people thinking I would not last 2 years and yet here I am 10 years later. I have managed to juggle being a mum in those 10 years and our daughter is now 18 and off to uni! Job done I say!


Q: What’s your superpower?
My Superpower is my awesome 3D rendering program – without Archicad I would be lost! Most of my clients cannot visualize in 2D, so to be able to show them what their home will look like after their renovations in 3D is a game changer!


Q:What is your favourite local female-led business?
I love Three Birds Renovations! I take a lot of inspiration from their work. I also love that they are 3 strong business women in a male dominated industry and they are smashing it!


Couldn’t agree more Julie, the Three Birds are something else aren’t they?! And like many of your clients, I need a 3D version too. I’m so envious of you creative types who can see a project come to life just off a flat plan!!!

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