Inspired by International Women’s Day, we profiled several of the awesome women who work in our spaces to celebrate their success.


Karita Beard (karita.beard) is a personal coach who helps driven leaders profit from their passion by unlocking, packaging & confidently unleashing their hidden entrepreneurial potential.
I asked Karita a few questions (with a slight IWD slant) so we could all get to know her better and here’s what she said:
Q: What achievement are you most proud of?
Taking the leap from 20 years in corporate management to follow my passion and start my own business 3 years ago. It is now a multi 6 figure entity. Like any business owner will tell you, owning a business isn’t easy, it pushes you, makes you question a lot of things and it takes stamina to stay in the game. However, I have loved every minute, I absolutely love what I do, and have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people along the way.
Q: What’s your superpower?
I have an uncanny ability to untap the hidden potential in others and help them to connect the dots so they can go out there and create the life and business they want.
Q: What does gender equality look like to you?
Everyone having equal opportunity, equal pay, equal rights & equal choice. I believe that everyone has their own unique abilities and skills to offer the world – they just need the opportunity to do it. I don’t allow my daughters (7 & 10 years old) to watch anything in the media which could imply a gap exists. I believe in fighting for equal rights but I don’t believe our children should be exposed to think they are any less than anyone else – gender, race, etc. I empower them to go after their dreams with no preconceived ideas or limiting beliefs.
Love this, Karita and I love that you help so many strong women find unleash their potential!

Find out more about Karita’s business,Karita Beard.⠀


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