Inspired by International Women’s Day, we profiled several of the awesome women who work in our spaces to celebrate their success.


First up, let me introduce you to Megs Thomson from Hello You. Megs is [so-much-more-than] a copywriter who helps business owners get clear on what sets them apart, so that they feel confident sharing their message with the world.

I asked Megs a few questions (with a slight IWD slant) so we could all get to know her better and here’s what she said:

Q: Who inspires you?

Every one of my female friends. Most of them have started their own businesses with heart-based missions to create a better world (whether they realise this or not) while also raising their kids against a backdrop of demands in both their personal and professional lives.

Q: How do you celebrate women in business?

By engaging with and sharing their brilliance, supporting their causes, and connecting others to them.

Q:How do you help forge a gender equal world?
It starts at home. We have two boys and it’s important we challenge gender stereotypes, educate them via books and shows that address diversity, and where possible, help them understand that there’s no such thing as gender-specific roles, colours and characteristics. At work, I like to think I’m supporting a more gender equal world by supporting women in business. I see so many talented women with incredible ideas and passion, who second-guess themselves when it comes to communicating their value. This is why I love working with these women, so help them feel more confident about communicating what sets them apart.


I absolutely love all of this, Megs. I particularly love this last one – I see women second-guessing their worth all the time so it’s incredibly important to help them break through this 🙌


Find out more about Meg’s business, Hello You


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