Today, as I walked around Mona Vale, I got a spring in my step.


There are signs in the shop windows saying ‘Opening 11 October’. Shopkeepers are updating their window displays. ‘For Lease’ signs are coming down and new tenants are moving in. The optimism is palpable.


It’s been a long hard winter for most businesses on the Northern Beaches. Many have been completely shut for months now, or worse, have called time on their business dreams. Even those who have powered through, have had to make major changes to get through the last few months. For us, we’ve had to come to work and see our coworking spaces all but empty, open just for the handful of members who can’t work from home. 

And it’s been tough for many of us personally, too. We haven’t been able to see our friends and family or go about our daily activities with ease for months. We’ve been juggling homeschooling with our jobs. The vaccination debate has divided our community. Our villages have crumbled under their own demands and people all around us are at breaking point. 

But today, I realised … it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

It’s time to change the narrative.

And that change starts with US. 

So, from today, we wont be talking about lockdown, covid or vaccination. 

We’ll be approaching this next phase with optimism and positivity. 

We’ll be checking that our friends, family, coworkers and neighbours are ok. We’ll be helping our kids transition back to school and our workers back into their workplace. We’ll be supporting our local businesses so our local economy can get back on track. We’ll be thinking about who we can help and how. We’ll be smiling behind our masks and preparing to take on this next stage, together. 

Sure, this next phase will bring with it its own challenges. But if we all face it together, our comeback will not only be quicker, it will be so much more impressive.

So, that’s why you’ll only hear positivity from us. Will you join us? 


We’ll start by shouting out 📸  Snappystreet Creative for all our awesome images. Thanks Leah!