You may have heard of floating, but do you know what a FLAUNA is? 

I had no idea what it was before Carolyn from City Cave in Mona Vale invited me to try one out before Christmas.

A Flauna is an infrared sauna, followed by float therapy. (To be honest, even after I found out what a Flauna was, it still didn’t mean a lot to me). I turned up to City Cave just before Christmas with the expectation that I was going to get some ‘me’ time (we have 3 little kids, so the thought of 2 hours of peace and quiet is all I dream of).

What I didn’t realise, was that I was about to be introduced to a life-changing experience!!


Let me set the scene for you …

My 2 hour experience started with an infrared sauna*. I was taken to my own private room, with a little timber & glass cubicle (the sauna), a shower, a plush white robe & towels and a carafe of icy cold water to drink. I connected my own music into the sauna via bluetooth, stripped down and stepped into the sauna. I cycled through the light menu – there are 6 different lights, each with it’s own role to play in your wellness journey – before landing on the blue light (mostly because it seemed like the best colour for reading, possibly not the most flattering though 🤣). I was worried it would be too hot (cue childhood memories of my brother daring me to stay in the sauna while he poured ladles of water onto the element until we were both ready to pass out!!), but you can manually adjust the heat, which I did a few times before settling on my perfect temp, 51 degrees.

The next 45 minutes were pure bliss.

I read my book with my music playing softly in the background. No phone calls. No ‘but muuum’. Not a single interruption.

When my sauna time was up, I was shown to my private ‘floatation therapy room’. This spacious room has high ceilings and a tiled float pool that’s about the size of a (shallow) plunge pool. (I’d always been a bit nervous of the float tanks where you get shut in – and I’m not even claustrophobic – but this is an open room with a pool in it). The lights were dimmed and soft music was playing. I stepped out of my robe and into the shallow pool, filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt water, warmed to body temperature.

I naturally floated (supported by the salt in the water) and after the first 10 minutes, the music phased out, leaving me in complete silence. I chose to turn the lights off too, so I just lay in an almost meditative state for the next hour.

Thoughts came and went. I pondered solutions to most of the world’s problems. I mentally finished my Christmas shopping. And a few times I had to remind myself to completely relax and stop thinking. But mostly, I just floated in pitch black silence.

It was heaven.

When the soft music phased back in to tell me my time was up, I stepped out of the float pool and into the shower (complete with Salus shampoo, conditioner and body wash). I dressed and moved out to the chill out zone where a nourishing cup of warm herbal tea was waiting for me.

I felt incredible. Even better than the feeling of leaving a day spa after a 2 hour treatment.

I reluctantly headed into our coworking space to start my day’s work … and that’s when the magic happened. Over the next few hours, I smashed out a couple of weeks worth of work. My head was so clear. I was so much more creative than normal. I felt completely rejuvenated and ultra productive. I was in my genius zone, without having to use any of my normal tricks. It was mind-blowing.

And that’s why, a Flauna is now a non-negotiable in my, and Gavin’s, busy schedules. Honestly, it bought me time. And as the owner of 3 businesses and a mum of 3 little kids, I can’t put a price on that!


Full disclosure, I was shouted my first Flauna by City Cave in Mona Vale. They didn’t ask me to write this article, I did it because I want to blow the lid on the best-kept secret in business. They have generously offered all our MEMBERS a special deal: use code BCWH to get your floats for just $59, saunas for $30 and massages for $85. Book here.


*An infrared sauna is different to a normal sauna in that it heats your body by penetrating deeply into your joints and muscles, just like the sun would, but without the UV damage!


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